We have chosen to sell JPG photo files in high quality rather than already printed photos. We consider it more interesting for you to have the freedom to choose your printer. You can take your time before printing the photo and freely choose the size and printing materials. By purchasing the file you have a 6 month rights-managed license.

Saivo Photo has a wide range of photographs.


Matthieu has invested considerable hours over the past 20 years and still today in order to offer you a varied panel of images.


These photographs are not free of rights and are sold according to strict rules. When buying one or more of his photos you enhance his work, and you allow him to progress in his artistic projects.


We sincerely ask you to respect the sales license, thank you in advance.







Get inspired



Modern Bedroom
Wooden Bed
Modern Bedroom with Dark Wall


White Living Room
Child's Room
White Couch
Minimal Desk
Blue Sofa
Interior Design

Kitchen, wall style & other

Kitchen Counter
Modern White Bathroom
Luxury Bathroom
_DSC6694-1 - copie.jpg
Wall Shelf and Decorations
Wooden Panels
Cactus on Yellow Wall

Office & business

White Meeting Room
White Office
Modern Office
Modern Workspace
Colored Wall

Art Gallery & exhibition

Art Gallery
Guided Gallery Tour
Art Display
Gallery Show