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How to ORDER
From the gallery?

We have chosen to sell JPG photo files in high quality rather than already printed photos. We consider it more interesting for you to have the freedom to choose your printer. You can take your time before printing the photo and freely choose the size and printing materials. By purchasing the file you have a 6 month rights-managed license.

If you are a private person

First it is best to read the License :

If you find a photo you like in the portfolio. 


Remember or copy the code of the photo, ex : _MEV2133  and the price of the photo ex : 30 €.


You are now ready to place the order


Click on "Click here to buy a photo" button (see bellow),


Click the price tag of your photo ex :




Follow the general payement process.

During the process you will have to write the code of the photo, a short description ex : elephant or reindeer in snow etc. you must also write your correct email adress to receive the JPG Photo file.

During the purchase process ignore the shipping type, it is for free anyway since we send you the file by email.

The JPG photo file in full quality will be send to you by "WETRANSFER" directly from Matthieu email during the following days.

If you don't receive the file or if it is the wrong file, contact matthieu directly at : and he will fix the problem. Thank you :) 


All photos are protected by a rights managed license, it is important to read the rules of this license before ordering, thank you.

If you are a compagny 


If you are a professional, it is preferable to contact matthieu to define in which framework you want and can use the photos: decorative, sale (postcard postcard etc.), web, exhibition ...

Limited Non- exclusive License 

All the photos on SAIVO DESIGN are limited to the type of use, the duration, the number of prints.

Non-exclusive, which means that, unless otherwise stated on the website, your invoice, your order, or a separate contract, you do not have exclusive rights to use this photos.

This is a license agreement between you and SAIVO DESIGN which explains how you can use the photos. By downloading content from SAIVO DESIGN, you accept the terms of this contract.

Rules for private person when you have purchase a photo file from SAIVO DESIGN

You have the responsability of the file copy you get after purchase

The rights purchased can only belong to the buyer. 


Print only

You can print the photo for your home only on any material and size you want. 

You can print the photo yourself or use a professional printing company. 

Once you have print the photo in one exemplare, you can keep the file for a 6 month period as a garanty if your print get damage, after the 6 month period you must delete the file (if your print get damage after the 6 month period, you can ask Saivo Design to get a copy of the file to reprint it). 

No social media or web use

You may not use content for web or social media, internet etc. (you can send a request to SAIVO DESIGN if you want to post the photo on the net to promote the photographer or other reasons)


No illegal use.

You may not use content for pornographic, defamatory or illicit purposes, or in violation of any regulations in force.


No commercial use.

Unless additional rights are indicated on the invoice, or are conferred on you under another license agreement, you may not use the photographs for any purpose commercial, promotional, advertorial, sponsorship, advertising or merchandising. 

No electronic models

Unless you purchase an additional license, you may not use the content in electronic or digital templates for resale or other distribution (for example, website templates, business card templates, electronic greeting cards and brochure design templates).


No use in a brand or logo 

Unless you purchase an additional license, you may not use the content (in whole or in part) as a distinguishing feature of a brand, an artwork, a trade name, a reason social, service mark or logo. In addition, you do not have the right to register (in any jurisdiction) such content (in whole or in part) as a trademark.



SAIVO DESIGN or M.Matthieu Ever may terminate this contract at any time if you fail to comply with any of the terms of this contract or any other contract with SAIVO DESIGN, in which case you must immediately: stop using the content; delete or destroy all copies; and, upon request, confirm to SAIVO DESIGN in writing that you have met these requirements.


Termination relating to social networks. If you use the content on a social network or another third-party website and the social network or website uses the content for its own purposes or in a manner contrary to this contract , the rights to such use that have been granted to you will immediately cease, and in this case, at the request of SAIVO DESIGN you have to remove the content from this social network or this website.

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